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PANAURORA-HOSTING offers personal Hyper-V VM hosting services.

Why use our service, when you can host your own VM server?

Please note that this service is for individuals only, not businesses.

You will need to download & install a small SonicWall NetExtender VPN client from us.
Access to your VM(s) will be solely via NetExtender, for SSL security between yourself & us.
If you're a subscriber to our VM hosting service, you can login & download NetExtender from our downloads page.

You can subscribe to as many VMs as you wish, but you will be able to connect to any of your VMs from only 1 computer at a time.
If you have NetExtender installed on more than 1 computer, either inside your home or elsewhere,
you should be able to connect to as many VMs as you have NetExtender running.

For Jurisdiction & Data Privacy purposes, we are currectly located in Bermuda, but will be relocating to Canada mid-2021.

Please contact us for more details, or if you have any questions.

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